Tips on Dryer Maintenance

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Tips on Dryer Maintenance

Dryers are one of the most awesome inventions in modern appliances. It allows us to dry many pieces of clothing, reducing the drying time from hours to mere minutes. Most homes across the nation have an active dryer being used, but not many people are familiar with the maintenance and upkeep you must give your dryer. If you don’t keep your dryer in good shape it can malfunction and damage itself, your clothes and even put your family’s health in danger. Take a look below for a few cleaning tips you should always implement for your dryer.

Clean lint filter. Modern dryers are designed to have a lint filter to help remove all the lint from your clothes. The lint is built up in a filter or screen that needs to be cleared periodically. It really depends on the usage you give your dryer so make sure you check it regularly. If you are not sure where your lint filter is located take a look at your dryers instruction booklet or contact a qualified expert. Lint build up can result in anything from poor dryer performance to your dryer being useless if not taken care of on time.

Disconnect when not using. This should be a rule of thumb for any and every electronic in your home. When you are not using your dryer (most of the time unless you own a laundromat) it should be left unplugged. This will prevent any mechanical or electrical failure from damaging your dryer. Disconnecting your dryer when it’s not in use is really important, as electrical failure and lint build up can result in a catastrophe for your home.

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Keep dryer area clutter free. Most people try to cram their dryer in a little corner so it doesn’t take up too much space. This can damage your dryer and drastically shorten its usable lifespan. Your dryer may overheat and stop working properly among other things, so make sure your dryer is left with a bit of space and clutter free.

Never leave running dryer uninspected. If you have a load in the dryer and need to dash out of your house make sure you turn off the cycle. Even if you are just running to the store quickly, leaving your dryer running without anyone at home may lead to a tragedy, so make sure you never leave your dryer running and unattended.

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