Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The vent to your dryer was not put there to avoid the heat from entering the house. Most people don’t think about what a dryer vent does.

Clothes dryers are a great convenience. They cut down tremendously on wash time, but most people do not realize all the maintenance that is still required. This is a dangerous task that is still overlooked.

Little do we know, but dryer vents cause more household fires than expected. Everyone knows to clean out the lint screen, but little about the vent. Lint can accumulate inside the piping that extracts the hot air. The high temperature that the dryer makes can create a perfect environment for a fire.

There are many injuries that happen every year. There are estimates that there are 15,000 fires caused annually by not cleaning out the dryer vent. Most of these disasters can be avoided by just performing regular maintenance of the vent.

Lint is very flammable. It is the very fine materials that are released from clothes that are being dried. They accumulate inside the vent, and as well as you know, can even stop it up. Having a regularly scheduled cleaning can help prevent this.

Clothes dryers’ heat up to extreme temperatures because that’s what you need when trying to get your clothes dry. This is also a dangerous combination. When a vent is blocked, it can also cause the dryer to work overtime. In doing this, it will create a higher electric bill.

Let’s talk about mold. Mold can accumulate inside the dryer duct. This is also a potential health hazard. Remember that lint carries moisture. This moisture can accumulate and never dry although the temperatures are high. It is just like wet clothes in a pile will never dry.

Take care of your dryer vents so that you will not need unnecessarily repairs of your clothes dryer, and also keep your home safe.

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