Clothes Washing Machine Repair Pensacola

Front Loading Washing Machine

Front loading machines are more common in households now

Clothes washing machines (or laundry machines) go through a lot of abuse throughout it’s lifetime. The wash cycle and spin cycle takes its biggest toll on the machine. Clothes washing machine repair is a common problem nowadays.

When the washer drain pump fails you could have big problems on your hands. When it doesn’t drain proper, you could be stuck with stagnant water and possibly provide a breeding ground for insects. The opposite could happen. the pump breaks and leaks all over the floor. That is around 40 gallons of water in one spot. Some washer drain pumps can be repaired, and some can’t. Have one of Ables Lowest Cost Appliances & Repair technicians come out a take a look.

The constant vibration of the machine also causes damage. When the machine is in its wash cycle it is still not too tough on the machine, but your still tossing around 40 gallons of water. The spin cycle does even more harm especially of the load is off balance.

Top Loading Washer

We repair all make and model of top loading washing machines

Ables Lowest Cost Appliances & Repair services front and top loading machines. With most part stocked on our trucks, we can usually complete most jobs the same day, first visit. Call Ables Lowest Cost Appliances & Repair and we will send out one of our skilled technicians to get you back on the road.

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