Keep it Clean to Avoid Costly Oven Repairs

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Keep it Clean to Avoid Costly Oven Repairs

All of you know that whether or not you clean your oven on a regular basis, your appliance will need a little tender, loving, care from a professional once and a while to avoid costly oven repairs in the future. However, there are ways you can avoid having any big disasters happen whilst you are cooking your family dinner. One of which is keeping your oven clean. Nobody likes the grueling task of cleaning the oven so why not make yourself aware of the foods that make your oven particularly dirty? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cook these particular meals, just that you should pay extra attention cleaning your oven after you have cooked them.

Roasted Pork Leg

Roasts can cause a lot of splatter

The Traditional Roast Dinner


Everybody loves a roast dinner. Juicy meat, roasted vegetables, golden potatoes and all topped off with some homemade gravy. This said, if you don’t cover your chicken (or any other meat) and vegetables with some foil you might find greasy splatters all over your oven.


Cheesy Pasta Bake


There is nothing worse than realizing that a load of cheese has dribbled down the side of your dish and encrusted itself at the bottom of your oven. If you don’t clean it up right away you will carry on cooking it in the bottom of your oven meaning there will be a layer of black char stuck to your appliance. Even worse, if you cook it on too high a heat you will find it splattered all over the ceiling and walls too!


Pizza can make a mess of your oven



Pizza, whether it is homemade or shop bought is one to keep an eye on. Firstly, some people put it in the oven to cook without putting in on a pizza dish. This can leave it sticking to your oven. Secondly, most do not keep an eye on it which means everything from the tomato sauce, cheese and toppings dribble all over the bottom of the oven leaving you with the same problem as with your cheesy, pasta bakes.




So, you are preparing a big apple and raspberry crumble with loads of sugar so that it gets nice and caramelized when you cut into it? Well, think twice before filling the dish all the way to the top! Melted sugar is one of the hardest ingredients to scrape off the bottom of your oven so be sure to either put another dish underneath your crumble or not fill your dish all the way to the top.


Sausages and Fatty Meat


Sausage and mash potato is a great heartwarming meal but if you are looking to cook your sausages in the oven you may find that the meat fat sizzles and splashes all over the oven. Be sure to cover the meat and line your dish with foil to avoid any unnecessary cleaning.


Clean Your Oven Regularly or Cover Your Food or, Do Both!


The best way to avoid unnecessary cleaning is to either cover your food whilst you cook it or clean your oven as you go along. By doing this you will not need to spend unnecessary amounts of time cleaning. Once food gets stuck to the bottom of your oven you will find it extremely hard to get rid of without heavy duty cleaning products. On the other hand if you need your oven looked at by a reliable team of professionals why not call ALC Appliance Repair for your quote today.






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