5 Appliances Every Kitchen Must Have

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5 Appliances Every Kitchen Must Have

Although they are often overlooked, appliances in our kitchen are pivotal to our day to day living and basic existence. Modern appliances were designed with such practicality in mind that they save us time and money to invest in doing more important things. However, most of the time kitchen appliances are looked over and usually under-appreciated. On that note, we decided to shine a light on appliances often taken for granted, and remind ourselves why these 5 appliances should be found in every single kitchen around the world.

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Refrigerators. Refrigerators are the base of all modern kitchens and the reason for their existence. Refrigerators help us store most foods and preserve them for longer periods of time, which enables us to do long term shopping instead of running to the supermarket on daily basis. In addition it keeps the food fresh, both raw and cooked food. It allows us to store liquids and drinks as well, keeping juices and milk drinkable for longer periods of time. Modern refrigerators control temperature and moisture level as well, making them a kitchen’s most important appliance.

Ovens. In this category we will also include stoves as they usually come together. Ovens and stoves allow us to cook our meals, snacks and desserts. They are also used to make hot drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate and tea. They are second most used appliance in the kitchen and definitely among the most popular as well.

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Blenders. Although often underappreciated, blenders are one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. It can be used to make meals, sauces, drinks, and shakes by chopping, shredding, pulverizing and liquefying different ingredients. Blenders save us a lot of time but are not always given the credit they should get for being such a versatile appliance.

Microwaves. Microwaves have always been under appreciated, ever since they were popularized. Most people limit their microwaves to warming up food and boiling water. However, microwaves were made with the goal of replacing traditional ovens. They can be used to cook entire meals and create masterpieces, so you may want to look into recipes that use microwaves as cooking methods.

Dishwasher. Dishwashers are the ultimate convenience machine. Dishwashers wash your dirty dishes efficiently and effectively It is assure to take care of at least 85% of your dishes, saving you both time and money. The only downside is remembering to check which dishes are washer friendly to prevent any catastrophes.

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